Who Elst

Elst was created by four Knoxville neighbors that shared an appreciation for great tasting beer and the process from which great tasting beer is made. The process of creating a recipe, sourcing the finest ingredients and combining them with precision and science to create something that is only truly appreciated by enjoying with friends and family.

We believe that technology plays an important role in this creation of high quality, consistent, and delicious beers. Having many years of experience in the IT industry we have seen the benefits that automation and data logging bring to businesses. Our plan is to track data about our beers from grain to glass to ensure quality, consistency, freshness, and availability of our beer for retailers and consumers.

Equipped with an educational background in beer and commercial brewing experience we are turning the dream into an opportunity of doing what we love and leaving the 9-5 grind. We are honored to share something Elst with you! 

Why Elst

We wanted to find a unique name that could be a symbol for our passion and love of beer as well as being able to show the bonding nature of it. Luckily, we stumbled across, Elst, an old middle English word that’s origin comes from the sanctuary part of a monastery. Crafting beer and having that creative outlet has become our sanctuary. Beer is our Art.  For centuries humans have been making and sharing beer.  It brings us together.  Beer provides a common bond between races, religions, and countries. As Elst is our beer sanctuary, Elstwhere is the place to enjoy that work and common bond that binds us all. Hope to see you Elstwhere!

Where Elst

The plan was set and the location needed to be found. We are lucky to live in Knoxville and have so many great areas to work and play in. Fate would have it we fell in love with the North Central area and with some help located the site of the former Tennessee Roofing Company which had operated there for over 50 years. It was a great opportunity to breathe life back into a building which in part had been around since the 1920’s as well as join a refreshing revitalization effort going on in the Oakwood/ Lincoln Park Neighborhood. Nestled between two great neighbors in the famous Steamboat Sandwiches who prepare some of the best sandwiches in town and Loch and Key Productions who is an incredible full service video production company we feel very fortunate to be where we are.