ADDRESS: 2419 N. Central St. Knoxville TN, 37917

Mon-Wed 3pm-9pm
Thurs-Sat 12pm-10pm
Sun 12pm-8pm

FOOD OPTIONS: Steamboat sandwiches available in the taproom on Monday night and Pizzaria Nora Tuesday through Saturday. Please check our social media for additional food trucks!

Dogs are allowed in the back yard area, but only service animals in the taproom please.

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Elstwhere is a sanctuary for beer lovers!

The Elstwhere tasting room is a light hearted place of enjoyment that can only exist because of our love of beer. It is a place to go recharge, drink delicious beer, and be with friends. The tasting room is where we share the fruits of our labor and relax.

Located in the downtown Knoxville Brewery corridor, Elstwhere features all of the Elst flagship beers as well as taproom exclusive selection with a new beer added every Thursday!